296 miles over 35 days


WONDERLUST is an extraordinary arts project taking place this summer across the Cornish coastal path. Walking from Morwenstow to Cremyll, we will create daily performance arising directly from the landscape. Creating installations along the route as a physical trace of our presence, which will slowly be absorbed back into the landscape, we will also generate a physical body of artefacts to be exhibited in galleries, libraries and festivals around Cornwall. Joined by a rolling roster of international artists, we will be sharing experiences, making friends and exploring the rich cultural heritage of Cornwall.



For ways that YOU can get involved, click here


WONDERLUST is a complex and extraordinary challenge. This brave and inspirational piece of work offers a unique experience for those participants and audiences who can join the performers along their journey.
— Antony Waller, Dance Republic 2


  • To foster new ways of seeing and being in the world
  • To celebrate the unique geographical landscape of Cornwall
  • To encourage deeper relationships with the natural environments in which we find ourselves
  • To offer the gift of a focussed attention to the moment
  • To facilitate deeply satisfying ways for individuals to engage with place, self, other and whole
  • To open up dialogue between inner and outer landscapes
  • To celebrate, and weave our own work into, the rich tapestry of arts, culture and heritage unique to Cornwall