Day Twenty Two: Gorran Haven to Charlestown


The moon is bright, whiter than usual, and full. She feels close, and I feel drawn to look at her, watch her.

Emma said you can't stare at the sea because it is always moving, you can only gaze.

I am moon gazing, night gazing, slowly rotating with the earth, gazing at this moon which is orbiting us on it's elliptical pathway. Gazing at this sky with its celestial bodies, all travelling further and further apart from each other.

Planets follow pathways just as we follow the coast path.

Everything is interwoven on the minutest level, an intricate choreography.

The moon only shows herself in our reflection. The longer I gaze the wider the halo seems to reach, as if the moon is growing in energy. Her edges soften and start to blur, a blue crescent cupping one side.