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core team

becki nevin

Maker, performer and facilitator, Becki works mainly within performance. Her practice is concerned with offering the experience of time as duration, for performer, participant and witness.


Emma Lewis-Jones

Emma's practice consists of choreographic forms of reflection on space and place. Improvisation and conversation are approaches she uses for learning about the self and the other.


visiting artists

matt Bryden

Matt Bryden is a poet and EFL teacher, which has taken him to Poland, Tuscany and the Czech Republic. His pamphlet Night Porter was a winner of the Templar Pamphlet and Collection competition 2010. His first collection Boxing the Compass was launched at Keats House n 2013. The Desire to Sing after Sunset, his translation of the Taiwanese poet Ami, was launched at the Taipei Literature Festival in the same year. www.mattbryden.co.uk


Rosie Montford

The relationship of walking and drawing is important to me and over the past few years I have sought out residencies and made study visits abroad where I could combine the two interlinked activities. I have chosen unusual places to visit such as Finland, Japan, Slovenia and Peru and the landscapes have each evoked a strong feeling for me.

I love to work directly in a sketchbook to record landscape as I walk and draw. Being in nature gives me a way of finding out what interests me, responding in colour to the lyrical qualities of the landscape that I find when I am walking through it. In particular I have used a zigzag/concertina format for a sketchbook because I like the way it physically expands.

I further develop the book by adding more colour, ink, writing, sewing threads, photographs and prints. I want the book to really convey the excitement and experience of the journey I have been making.

I then select imagery and might choose to make a series of linoprints, silkscreens, oil bar studies, sewings or a handmade book. www.rosiemontford.co.uk


Bram Thomas arnold

Bram Thomas Arnold is an artist who started with walking and kept going: into performance, drawing, installation, bookbinding and writing. His trans-disciplinary practice was instigated through studying Social Sculptures alongside Ecology under Shelley Sacks at Oxford Brookes University before undertaking an MA in Arts and Ecology at the now absent Dartington College of Arts. Alongside a transient upbringing, moving from Switzerland through Belgium and Holland into England and Wales, this interdisciplinary approach to study has manifested itself into a practice tat does not restrict itself to traditional boundaries of mediums or modes of practice: a practice that is both Romantic and Conceptual in it's methods and outcomes.

As an artist he has built a piece of road in a forest, carried 60 English novels to New York to run a library, learnt to translate Lithuanian and set out to walk from his home in London to the place of his birth in St. Gallen, Switzerland. His ecologically minded practice has been exhibited broadly in the UK as well as abroad in exhibitions from New York to St. Petersburg. He is currently studying for a practice-based PHD at Falmouth University where his interests in performance, installation, autoethnography and trans-disciplinary practice are being developed through research project entitled 'Walking Home: The path as transect in an 800 kilometre autoethnographic enquiry'.



zoe collins

Zoe works with bodywork and land art to explore connections with inner and outer worlds. She believes that walking can be both meditative and a form of peaceful protest.


verena Van den berg

Verena's interdisciplinary work is multi-sensory, often site-specific, spanning performance, installation, video and photography. She explores the materiality of the body and how the experience of embodiment leads to movement, images and sounds. Her work investigates how the concrete-i.e the human body, materials, sites/contexts-can become abstract through layering of movement, video images and sound. Her interest is in experience, interaction, process, change and transience. www.verenavuori.com


Rob ireson

I am an artist who works in and with public space. I use interventionist strategies to create situations which disturb the familiar and routine while creating opportunities for new perspectives. In this work I have collaborated with musicians, dancers, masseurs, sonic artists, sculptors and clothes designers. 

A passion for opening up creative work to all and working with others enriches my work. Creating space where people can temporarily exist outside of themselves, creates possibility for moments of re-connection to flourish. Previous work has taken the form of sculpture, bike mechanics, collaborative workshops, puppetry and performance.

Originating from the Black Country UK, I'm currently based in Belfast and work throughout Ireland and internationally. www.robireson.carbonmade.com www.thisboxis.wordpress.com


anna tzakou

Anna is a theatre deviser and practitioner from Athens, Greece. She has been creating theatre performances of physicality and emotional edginess; looking at place as performance site and the performance act as a social collective event. Through contemplative movement and theatre disciplines Anna has been working on Buddhist-inspired landscape performances with the interest to examine places as narratives of identity, home and belongingness. You can read more about Anna's work here: http://eprofile.exeter.ac.uk/annatzakou/


contributing artists


Jane lives on the North Coast of Cornwall. This is the subject of her work as a painter, filmmaker and writer. She has a close relationship to the place, particularly the littoral zone, between high and low tide. www.janedarke.co.uk


Spindrift dance 

SpinDrift Dance was co-founded by teachers and freelance performers Suzie West and Sam Dukes in 2010 to find new creative outlets for dance in education and the local artists surrounding it. We strongly believe that we are stronger together and most productive when ideas bounce off each other.

Live performance and collaboration are at the heart of every project. We learn, create and innovate alongside the school, community or choreographer to bring education and current dance practice together. www.spindriftdancecollective.com


gemma kempthorne at rosehip barn

RoseHip Barn is a beautiful barn conversion at Trefranck Farm, just 1 mile off the A395 between Launceston and Camelford. It has been lovingly restored to provide a space for creativity and community. It encompasses two large studio areas, a commercial kitchen, dormitory and garden. 




Become a Contributing artist

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